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Hairspray Trade

Over the last decade Hairspray has established itself as one of Europe's leading hair extension companies. We have now designed a number of ideal packages where your salon can stock Hairspray's top selling products which include clip-in hair extensions, ponytails and a wide range of accessories.

This new opportunity will not only bring new customers into your business, but it will also generate a whole new cash injection for your salon. The packages on offer have excellent profit margins and the products are hugely popular.

How do I get Started

To order Simply call 01-4295688 and specify if you want package 1 or 2 and we will deliver within 48 hours. Full payment needs to be made before goods are dispatched.

Package One: €595 + VAT (extensive selection of clip-ins).

# Product Trade price Retail price
1. Moroccan Clip-in Call us €49.95
2. Bardo Clip-in Call us €49.95
3. Hairspray Straight Clip-in Call us €39.95
4. Hairspray Wavy Clip-in Call us €39.95

Package 1: Synthetic Hair

Show All Syntjetic Clip-ins in Package 1
Package 1 Synthetic Hair

Package 2: Combo Package - €995

Show All Products in Combo Package 2
Package 2

Package 3: Six Human Hair Clip-ins

Show All Products in Package 3
Package 3 Six Human Hair Clip-ins